Young Leaders are Hope

Jun 2, 2016 | 0 comments

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By Pastor David Hansen – Director of Communication & Innovation

A few facts to think about.
The average age of the US population is 37 years old.
The average age of a member of an ELCA congregation is 55.
The average age of a pastor serving an ELCA congregation is 54.

Across denominational lines, many congregations struggle with a disappearing generation. We’ve tried things: program changes, music changes, staff changes.

Very few of these attempts have been successful. The average age of our membership continues to increase.

Among the things we know about how people stay involved in organizations is this:

Leadership is one of the deciding factors in whether someone will get involved and stay involved.

Throughout Scripture, we are called to empower the gifts and leadership of young people within the community of faith.

We sat down with Rozella White, Program Director for Young Adult Ministry for the ELCA, to talk about the importance of young leaders in the church.

Take a moment to listen to Rozella, and think about how your ministry can make space for a new generation of leaders.




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