Loving our neighbors as ourselves


The Work Out Process is an attempt to say we cannot just wake up, we need to act in faith.

Most of us have lived with an unspoken assumption that if we truly build a better world for others, it will cost us too much. The mindset is one of scarcity that assumes there is a limited amount of respect, love, and resources to go around. So, as harsh as it may feel to hear this, we believe that some of us horde and some of us go hungry.

After consulting over 40 books on racism, power, economic divide, our country’s history, and the complicity of the church, we are convinced that we have a lot to confess. So the Work Out Process will give you sore muscles in the same way lifting weights for the first time in years will hurt. We are going to be working muscles we may not have known we had. Yet, those muscles are hardwired in our heart. We can love bigger, expand our way of understanding the universe, and lead others to do the same.

The Work Out Process has been positioned to bring a more direct voice into the work of antiracism and oppression. We believe that it is never too late to fully show up for the human beings in our own neighborhood, work place, and family.

The Work Out Process:

  • Invites you into Brave Space. This is a space where all voices are valued and human dignity is restored.
  • Intentionally goes beyond default comfort zones. The work starts with confronting racism inr our own lives and in our church.
  • Opens hearts to love more like Jesus.

The Work Out Process includes four steps. Each step aligns with a Learning Event on the LEAD Journey.

IDENTITY can be transformed

  • Love who you are
  • Intersectionality
  • Touchstone moments
  • History vs memory
  • Let’s talk about racism


  • Resilience in Christ
  • Everyday disciples
  • Telling the story of Jesus in your own life
  • Participating in healing and justice
  • Facing evil everywhere


  • On God’s time
  • Owning our discomfort, concern, and exhaustion
  • Do your own work first
  • Spiritual pilgrims – confessing to each other
  • Authentic Christian justice

LEAD living every day as disciples

  • Leading a movement
  • Make a plan
  • Strategies
  • Measuring innovation
  • Gratitude keeps us listening

It’s a step at a time as we listen on the Journey. Each step includes:

  • Intentional action and reflection
  • New learning & networking
  • Practices for the team, elected leaders, and congregation

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