What is your God-narrative?

Jun 22, 2017 | 0 comments

What do we tell ourselves about these questions?

  • Where is God?
  • What is God doing?

No household or faith community has a single story that communicates who God is in their life together, only a dominant story that is primary for existence. That narrative either builds up or tears down a person’s capacity to cope with the hard things in life. It can reduce our capacity or expand our resiliency.

What is the God-narrative in your life, your family’s life or your congregational life?

Which of these sounds most like you?

  • God is above all watching and judging
    This perspective creates a deepening feeling of shame or pride.
  • God will rescue us when it is time
    This perspective creates a feeling of helplessness, powerlessness or inaction.
  • God is walking with us throughout the process
    This perspective creates a feeling of mutual respect, growing trust, and accompaniment.

We have a relational God who is in relationship with God’s self in the Trinity. God the Creator, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit all give us a glimpse of God.

Expanding our God-narrative is at the heart of Christian leadership. Some days are better than others. Clarifying your own God-narrative as an individual, family or faith community starts with a conversation that honestly wrestles with these questions in community and prayer.

Find brave spaces* to talk about this with a friend or your leadership team or your whole congregation.

**The brave space language comes from Micky ScottBey Jones. Click here to view her video presentation “Confronting Opponents with Love—Tools and Tactics.” 


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