LEAD Values Cards

Setting values

LEAD Values Cards offer a fun, engaging way for individuals, small groups or teams, families, youth groups, or congregations to develop a deeper connection and understanding of who you are and what really matters to you as individuals and together as a group.
As a group, or individually, you will sort through the deck of cards several times, each time honing the list of values until you have identified your top 3-5 values. Instructions for a variety of activities are available with purchase of the cards.

Congregational Values Cards

A 52-card set designed to help congregations, church councils/boards, ministry teams, and staff identify shared values

Why values matter

  • Values can be used to set priorities
  • Values can be used for decision-making
  • Values can be used to assess and evaluate ministries, projects or programs that may have outlived their purpose
  • Values can frame budgets
  • Values can give form to communication

What’s included (Download)

  • Updated values and descriptions on cards
  • Download of deck of cards is available upon purchase
  • List of all the values included
  • Unlimited prints
  • Access to online resources and activities for using the cards

Identify what’s most
important to you…

  • Individually

  • As a group

  • As a family (by birth or by choice)

  • As a congregation