Three Leadership Conversation Starters

Dec 4, 2014 | 0 comments

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Take 10 minutes to ask yourself (and your leaders) these three questions as we wrap up 2014.

Why is leadership development today a “got to have” versus a “nice to have”?

The trends are clear – change in our world is not slowing down anytime soon.  It’s time to join God in creating a new future.  New ways of practicing faith, responding to the needs of human suffering and being a vibrant faith community takes leadership.  Who are you growing as a leader?  How is this working out?  What would make this more effective?

How do you create a powerful leadership system needed in our church today?

Listening in your own community, cross-cultural immersions (local or global), mentoring and experimenting are a few meaningful ways of unleashing Christian leadership at home, in the work-place, at school and church.  Leaders grow best through experiences that challenge them within a supportive community.  What systems are already in place for growing leaders?  What tweaks can you make to strengthen this?  How can you help people currently in leadership to mentor someone else in, as they take the new role of coach?

Why is the prevailing paradigm of leadership development limited?

Elections are generally the least effective way to get new people into leadership because they are an invitation to go to meetings rather than experience God in ministry.  Yes, meetings are part of leadership, but they are not the destination.  Think about welcoming people to start new ministries that connect to the community and have a life beyond the congregation.  Imagine leaders being people of all ages, ethnic groups and socioeconomic groups.  Pushing our mindset on who gets to be a leader will make a big difference in creating systems for leadership development.

What mindset about leadership needs to be challenged and changed?  What will it take to make this happen?

Imagine a new year that includes multiple ways for people to take ownership of ministry that matters within a supportive, encouraging, and accountable environment.  Making space for new leaders to create the future is essential.  Over the years, this is what the church has done; now it is our turn to step up and work together for a vibrant future.


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