There is a big difference between thriving or surviving.

Nov 29, 2023 | 0 comments

-by Deacon Peggy Hahn (She/Her), Executive Director of LEAD

There is a big difference between thriving or surviving. The difference? Walking together. Connecting with others.

Literally the ONE thing that changes everything between a congregation with vitality or nearly the end of its life is connection. LEAD exists to connect leaders to each other and congregations to their neighbors.

Embodied is an exciting way for women leaders to connect with each other. Is this right for you or someone you know?

Strategic Planning is a purposeful way to renew the call of congregations (or organizations.) Maybe this is exactly what your congregation needs.

Say hello to congregations doing the work of thriving. Let 2024 be the year to thrive!

Our Savior, Redeemer St John, and Salaam Lutheran Churches in Brooklyn, NY are coming together to thrive! No one would have bet on a Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic collaborative ministry coming together to be the Church together, but it is happening thanks to the good, hard work of congregational leaders and their pastor. This is exactly the kind of challenge we love!


Hosanna Lutheran Church in Covington, LA sold their building and is discovering their future sharing space with the Presbyterians in Covington and feeding the hungry with people across town. These new relationships are energizing the whole community. We love walking with these leaders!


Nokomis Heights Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN has set goals to (1) foster connections across multiple languages and cultures, working together to dismantle isolation and celebrate God’s gift of diversity, (2) share food, inviting people to address food insecurity at the personal and systemic level, with a growing awareness of diverse cultures, diverse foods, and diverse relationships and finally (3) accompanying immigrants – “We will become a place of sanctuary for people who are new to our country.” We love this work of faithful people leading boldly into the future.

Why settle for survival when your church can thrive? Say hello to 2024 – reach out for a free conversation with our team at


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