Story Junction

Where God’s and our story meet to journey together

What is your story?

Our stories are the roots of a meaningful life. When we give the gift of listening, we are inviting others to heal. When others give us their attention, we are connected to people, the earth, our sacred, our pasts, our own inner gifts and wounds, we know ourselves and God more fully.

Your congregation is invited to join the SD Synod and LEAD in a new storytelling project.


What is Story Junction about?

Human divisions are healed through listening and sharing stories. Something sacred happens when we hear another person’s story. Something liberating happens to us when we share our own story.

Telling the stories of our lives from our childhood, regardless of the joy or suffering, to be seen.

As Jesus people, our stories are wrapped in our relationship with the traditions of our faith. We are the messy storytellers of the Christian faith, as we wrestle with our own faith questions and feel God’s love holding us in good and hard times. Our shared practices in worship, prayer, and care for our neighbor are stories we can learn to share in our own words.

Join this movement of people listening and sharing stories. Groups of congregations practicing together.

A one-year project beginning March 19, 2023 to practice listening  and sharing our faith story. We will learn more about the story of our faith, our congregation’s story, and our own.

We will discover why stories are so engaging, how they help us heal, how they utilize a different part of our brain, and how Jesus used stories to help everyday people understand God’s love.

What does this cost?

Your commitment is to attend a one-day in-person learning event, ten 60-minute Zoom gatherings, and ten coaching sessions. The South Dakota Synod is investing in the full cost for this pilot with the hope that your congregation will pay it forward!

Once your congregation reaches the mid-point in this process, we hope you will sponsor the next congregation of people joining the Story Junction. Paying it forward will cost a $100 month, as you invest in your neighbors’ church for one year.

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