RENEW is designed to build:

  • Competency – find leadership direction in the midst of unprecedented challenges
  • Capacity – find renewed strength for the journey via deepening personal discipleship
  • Community – find support and accountability via relationships with trusted colleagues

In RENEW, regular discipleship practices build a foundation for addressing leadership challenges in real time with the support of colleagues and guides.

Small groups of eight will be facilitated by the Rev. Louise Johnson and the Rev. Ernie Hinojosa.

Within your RENEW small group, you will:

  • Learn to address and work through challenging leadership issues.
  • Deepen your own discipleship and learn to build a culture of discipleship in your organization.
  • Find support, challenge, and accountability in a community of peers.
  • Grow personally and professionally.
  • Build critical skills and resilience for the road ahead.

RENEW is for pastors, deacons, youth leaders, outdoor ministry professionals, social ministry leaders, and judicatory leaders

New Cohorts beginning in Fall 2021.

Registration is open now.
Day and time to be finalized with cohort.


Pastor Tami Groth shares her experience.

what can you expect?

Participants will:

  • Participate in weekly group sessions, 60 minutes long. (Groups will pause at holidays and for part of the summer.)
  • Offer support, challenge, and accountability to their peers.
  • Engage a daily practice of discipleship that includes reading scripture, reflection, and prayer.

LEAD will provide:

  • Timely and contextual teaching on discipleship and leadership practices.
  • Group facilitation.
  • Feedback, guidance, and support.
  • Occasional one-on-one consulting (three free hour-long sessions).

Cost: $1,500 for a full year

You may choose to make one payment of $1,500 or 4 payments of $375.00 each.

Dates and times for cohorts will be listed soon.

Rev. Louise Johnson

Pastor Johnson is the Executive for Administration for the ELCA. Johnson has a Certificate in Leadership and Management from the Harvard School of Graduate Education and several other certificates in Adaptive Leadership. She is a proven change leader, a committed and flawed disciple, and a great cook!

Rev. Ernie Hinojosa

Pastor Hinojosa currently serves as Senior Pastor of Rejoice Lutheran Church in suburban Dallas, and as part-time consultant for LEAD. He has been coaching/mentoring pastors and key lay leaders in the US and Canada since 2005. He is also a long-suffering Dallas Cowboys fan, so please pray for him.