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It’s a fact that most congregations can’t get people to say yes to committee work so the same people end up carrying the torch year after year. At the same time, teams of passionate people across the planet are making things happen that change people’s lives every day. This caused me to ask:

What is the difference between a committee meeting and a movement?

While there are many answers to this question, these are the four that rise to the top for me:

  1. Mindset: People agree to be on a committee out of duty and concern. People lead movements out of passion and curiosity. The first is a fixed mindset, the second is a growth mindset. A growth mindset is a posture of learning, wondering, and expecting surprise. This is not about survival.
  1. Purpose: People join a committee to maintain a vision. People participate in a movement to cast the vision. The first is passive, the second is active. An active vision looks more like three words on a t-shirt than a paragraph in the constitution that justifies existence.
  1. Clear Roles: People are invited to serve on a committee because they are willing, are perceived as trustworthy, and have time. People serve on a team because they have the gifts to carry out a particular role that is needed and exhibit leadership competencies. You can check out the roles needed for making a movement here.
  1. Sustained Rewards: People are rewarded for committee work with more committee work. People leading a movement are rewarded with spiritual growth through an awareness of the Holy Spirit working in the world and the invitation they have to join in God’s mission.

Jesus built a team to create a movement. The Apostle Paul modeled this by building teams across the Roman Empire to create a movement. It’s our turn and we have the benefit of social media, good cups of coffee, and the same motivation they had. We can act out of the same confidence, welcoming others to join in God’s mission.


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