2019 Advent Resources 


This year’s liturgies focus on our relationships with neighbor, family, self, and God using texts from the Revised Common Lectionary (Year A).

Liturgies created by Lynn Willis, Spiritual Director – LEAD

Excerpts from Love Big: The Power of Revolutionary Relationships to Heal the World, by Rozella Haydée White, Fortress Press, 2019 are included in the liturgies, with permission. This book is an excellent resource for you and your congregation during this Advent season.

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What's Included?

Four contemplative prayer liturgies for use during Advent.

Each of the print-ready 2-page liturgies, written by Lynn Willis, include:

  • Invocation
  • Confession
  • Scripture Reading
  • Prayer
  • Time of Silence
  • Blessing
  • Sending

These resources are designed for use by individuals, congregations or small groups during Advent.

How to use?


  • As part of Sunday worship during Advent
  • For special mid-week Advent services
  • Parts of the liturgy can be incorporated into your Advent worship


  • As personal devotions during Advent
  • Daily Intentions for reflection with prompts for sharing your experience

The liturgies as available as print-ready bulletins.

Each 2-page weekly bulletin includes an invitation and prompts for reflection. Bulletins are available as a PDF in color or in black and white. You are welcome to customize the resources to fit your own context, however we ask that you credit WayToLead.org.

About the Sending: The sending questions are intended for reflection throughout the week.

About the images: The 4 weekly images can be combined to create the larger collage at the top of this page.

LEAD also offers Daily Intentions that may be used to accompany the liturgies. You are welcome to share them:

  • each day on your congregation’s Facebook page (they will be posted on LEAD’s Facebook page daily and you can share them from there)
  • each day on your website
  • each day as an email to your congregation

We’d love for you to credit LEAD (leadconnects.org), but it’s not required.

Catherine Nurmi- St. John, Moosuop

We started this time of inner stillness at our mid-week service at St John in Moosup. We began with a soup & bread dinner and then a time of devotion and adult coloring. It was great. Come join us on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm. All are welcome.

Laura Martin

We are using this in place of our usual midweek Bible Study during Advent. A time of stillness, prayer and silence.

Carolyn Hellerich

We are giving these out for personal and family devotions during Advent.

Each year, over 500 individuals and congregations from around the world have registered to use LEAD’s Advent resources. Here are some of the creative ways they found to use the resources:


  • With confirmation students for devotion time
  • During a 3-hour silent retreat
  • In prison ministry settings
  • Small group bible study at a local restaurant
  • Conference clergy meeting
  • For an ecumenical bible study
  • At a local senior residence
  • Combined into a devotional booklet
  • Blessings sent out in weekly emails and posted on Facebook

Resources from previous years are available by logging into your Partner account.


Color Bulletin

B&W Bulletin


Color Bulletin

B&W Bulletin


Color Bulletin

B&W Bulletin