Find your people!

Jan 10, 2024 | 1 comment

-by Peggy Hahn (She/Her), Executive Director of LEAD

Ruth knew Naomi was “her people” before Naomi realized it. No amount of persuading her to stay put could stop Ruth from returning home with an unexpected new family member. Our people are our people, and you know them when you find them.

Christian leadership is hard work, and no one is meant to do this alone. My life has been deeply blessed by the ELCA Youth Ministry Network. Every year I go to their annual Youth Ministry Extravaganza event with a full heart knowing that I will be in the room with people who can challenge me, love me, and send me home renewed. Every time. [If you will be at “The E” next week, come by our table to catch up or for an in-person conversation!]

Who are your people? If you are not sure, maybe these questions can help you name and claim a few people in your life as your God-given community.

  1. Who are the people who can speak truth into your life, without risking hurting your feelings?
  2. Who are the people who make you a better person?
  3. Who are the people that you are energized by?

So many people around us fill our hearts with fear, confusion, insecurity, and discouragement. Even sadness. Why settle for this? God has provided a life-giving person or group of people for each of us. The joy is in figuring out who they are and hanging on to them even if you live across the country, the world, or are in the same home. This may be the biggest gift you can give yourself in a new year – to reclaim your people, and to show up for people who are claiming you. Loneliness and isolation are downward spirals so don’t settle for digital-only friendships. Plan an in-person visit if you can, or at the least a regular plan for a phone date or to walk and talk on the phone! The cost of time or money away from life-as-usual is what makes life worth living.

1 Comment

  1. Terrie Coombs

    Wonderful image of Naomi. I am also blessed with “brief” people. What I mean by that are those life giving exchanges with a stranger in the midst of my ordinary life,at the grocery store, in the mall, at the garden centre, coffee shops etc etc. I call those God shots!