Endings are also beginnings

Mar 27, 2024

by Deacon Peggy Hahn (she/her), Executive Director of LEAD

Endings are also beginnings. 
The Last Supper was the first supper for followers of Jesus to know him in the bread and wine. 
The betrayal of Judas was the first disciple to break Jesus’ heart and be forgiven. 
The trial was the first outward mockery of Jesus, opening space for all to wrestle with the identity of Jesus. 
The crucifixion ended Jesus’s walk on earth in humiliation, unleashing the loving movement of the Holy Spirit on the universe. 
The public denial of Peter was the first of many as his followers navigate their fears while living out of the call to ministry. 
The women announcing the empty tomb were the first of women across the earth who bear the love of God into a hurting world. 
The doubting of Thomas was the first of sincere skepticism that overcomes human fears, anxieties and questions making room for curiosity, trust, and hope. 
Endings are also beginnings. 
Teach us God, how to end all that needs to die: racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia and all the ways people stop seeing the humanity in their neighbors.  
Let our lives join you in loving all people with courage to… 
 reduce doubt, 
bear your love. 
navigate fears, 
hear the Spirit’s call. 
thoughtfully ask questions. 
live forgiven, and  
know you in the bread and wine. 
Endings are also beginnings.