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-by Peggy Hahn (She/Her), Executive Director of LEAD

Embodied is an intentional community for women who are early in their call serving as pastors or deacons. Space will be limited to ten Black women and ten White women who will commit to meeting weekly January-June in 2024 for 75 minutes on Zoom. There will be a Zoom live streamed and recorded conversation taking place October 23rd at 12:00 PM CST and November 21st at 7:00 PM CST. Applications are due December 1, 2023.

Not for you? Please, be a connector and pass this special opportunity to someone you know who is new in ministry.

Black women and White women will be in separate cohorts that intentionally address the various issues and concerns that these leaders face.

The Content Sessions will be led by Deacon Peggy Hahn, Executive Director of LEAD, and Rozella Haydée White, Coach and CEO of RHW Consulting LLC.

Peer Group participants will be assigned a peer that will serve as their partner throughout this cohort.

Coaching Cohorts are culturally distinct and will be led separately by each guide for the distinct cohorts.

The purpose of these cohorts is to coach clergy women who are seeking to grow as spiritually rooted, embodied, and courageous leaders.

Why focus so specifically? Leadership is rooted in our very being. Rozella and I are starting where we are. We hope to expand Embodied over time. Meanwhile, please, pass this on if it is not for you.

You know by looking at me that I embody a White middle-class woman’s essence.

Because of this, you make assumptions about me regardless of my life’s journey. Don’t apologize or deny this – truth is truth. The power of my leadership is limited by my gender, maximized by my skin color, and formed by my faith in a God who loves all people.

We will not deny who God has made us to be. We offer our whole self to our God-given, church-affirming call to serve.

I can think about my body as a gift (most days) from the strong female ancestors that have shaped, inspired, disciplined, or frowned at my decisions over the years. This includes our spiritual ancestors who have passed their humor (thanks Sari), their loyalty (thanks Ruth), their decision-making (thanks Esther), their strength (thanks Bathsheba), and their grace (thanks Mary) to us all.

And yes, it’s true that I look like my dad, with his love of the church, work ethic and drive. Living in my own skin has taken me a while to sort out. How about you? Start with yourself.

  • Who poured into you?
  • What are you embodying that is honorable and what can you release that is not serving you?
  • Who are you stereotyping that is harming their life?
  • Who can you pour into as you validate God moving through their life?

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  1. Amanda Lindquist

    I’d love to be considered for this conversation! I’m early in my call as deacon to children, youth, and family ministry and have 15 years experience before being ordained. Always so much more to learn and doing it alongside other women sounds like a wonderful opportunity!


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