Camp Hope Core Values



  …as demonstrated by youth leading the daily activities with support and training by adult mentors. Students are equipped, empowered, and encouraged to be the Camp Hope staff.


Young people are equipped each year with a staff training including how to lead 15 different bible stories, classroom management and creating a safe fun community for the kids. They are empowered by the opportunity to lead activities and teach Bible stories for young campers. They are encouraged by adult mentors in the congregation as well as other staff members.


 Congregational Commitment

  …as demonstrated by connecting Camp Hope to the life of the congregation throughout the year.


Church staff and adult members of the congregation are connected to Camp Hope’s student leaders as mentors to walk with them through Camp Hope as well as in other ministries of the church. Students who serve on Camp Hope staff build lasting connections to one another and the church community.  They gain leadership skills that can be used within the church community.


 Biblical Literacy

…as demonstrated by learning Bible stories through interactive experiences every day at camp.


Camp Hope is based on a five-year rotation that includes all the major stories of the Bible.  Campers learn as many as 15 different Bible stories each year and those who attend Camp Hope beginning in kindergarten will cover 75 Bible stories over their years as a camper. Those who serve as staff will dig into them deeper. Throughout the day, Camp Day provides ways to experience the Bible story that involve all different learning styles, ensuring that campers can connect in the way that best suits them.

 Community Connection

  …as demonstrated by inviting and welcoming the neighborhood to be part of Camp Hope.


Each Camp Hope site can customize the daily schedule so that they can provide a safe full day of care, depending on the needs of their community. Congregations that want to reach out to their neighborhood should consider Camp Hope as one of the most effective summer strategies available. Camp Hope sites report that the majority of their campers come from the neighboring community and that Camp Hope is their biggest outreach of the year.

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