Is your congregation ready for Camp Hope?

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Welcome! If you are reading this, you are wondering if Camp Hope is right for your congregation. In general, congregations should take on a new ministry when:

The values of the new ministry fit within the overall mission of the congregation.

1. The clergy leadership, elected leadership (council, vestry, board) and people most affected by the ministry (families and youth) are interested and willing to carry out the mission of the new ministry.

2. The congregation welcomes new ministries and will gladly adjust existing ministries as needed to make the new ministry a success.

If you answered yes to these general points, you are ready to take the Camp Hope Congregational Assessment below. It has been our experience over the last 30 years that congregations that can honestly answer yes to all 6 areas represented in these questions will have the best experience hosting Camp Hope. We know Camp Hope is not right for every congregation but for those that fully invest, Camp Hope is one of the most significant outreach ministries to the community as well as effectively growing Biblically literate children and youth.

1. How will Camp Hope fit into the overall mission of the congregation? Is there a climate which welcomes youth leadership? Will Camp Hope fit within the current church structure?

2. Does the professional staff support adding Camp Hope as an outreach/student leadership ministry? Will the clergy and other staff support Camp Hope by being in town and present during camp weeks? Is the staff prepared to welcome new visitors? Will the professional staff participate in training to partner with Camp Hope Staff?

3. Are the high school and college students in the congregation committed to leading Camp Hope? Are the youth interested and willing to work with children? Are the youth willing to fully commit to the Staff Training Event each year? Do the youth have a desire to work together as a team to make Camp Hope happen? Are youth open to being mentored by adults as they develop in their leadership skills? If there are no youth in the congregation, is the congregation willing and able to recruit from the community? Click to learn more.

4. What are the needs of the neighborhood or local community during the summer? Will the congregation partner with existing organizations in the area? Is the diversity of the neighborhood welcome in the congregation? Will neighborhood youth be invited to serve on Camp Hope staff?

5. How will Camp Hope be supported as a new ministry in the congregation? Can an adult ministry team be put in place no later than December? Are there caring adults who will support and mentor youth in leadership? Are the youth in the congregation who are eager to participate?

6. How safe and available are the buildings and grounds? Are there adequate facilities available for hosting Camp Hope? Can needed repairs and regular building maintenance be made before or after Camp Hope?

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